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Herrick News: July 31, 2014

The day is starting with beautiful sunshine and a very refreshing cool breeze.

We had no storms and only a few light showers in scattered areas.  We need a good soaking rain for the area.

I am very happy the health issues of both of us are doing very well and our progress is very good.

The “Oconee” Lions Club festival was a happy occasion for a large crowd, Hayden (5 years) had 3 ears of the delicious sweet corn and wanted to come back the next day.  The food was wonderful and the service great.  Friends from a wide area attended.

The “Sarver-Beck-Welch” reunion filled the Herrick Community Center Sunday and was enjoyed by many friends and relatives from near and far. So many I couldn’t visit with many of them.  A great dinner was enjoyed by all.

“Aunt” Marette was invaded by my family of grand kids and dogs (puppies). They loved the fishing, running and the apples and the brownies and ice cream cones served by “Aunt Marette”.  We received a phone call from Lora Christer that they were in Chicago and that Jace’s (11 years) soccer team had won 1st place in their soccer league.

The blackberry crop in Rabbet Town was a “flop” this year. Too dry and too many deer. The sweet corn crop is great along with pickles and tomatoes and you are  warned to not leave your auto unlocked in Herrick or it may be filled with  zucchini  when you return.

The spring at Wren Bridge is having a lot of visitors enjoying the waters, picnicing and just loafing in the cool shade

It’s great to live in Rabbet town, enjoying Mother Nature and forgetting the troubles of the world.

Thank you god for our wonderful community. – Paul Sarver

Herrick News: April 10, 2014

The Herrick monthly teen dance will be Friday, Apr. 18, from 7:00-9:00 p.m. in the Herrick Community Center. All teens from ages 12  through high school are invited to attend. This will be the last dance of the season. There will be sponsored drawings, pizza and the very popular Limbo Contest. This month’s sponsors are Bridgestone OTR Bloomington, Ill. plant, The Community Banks of Shelby County, The Chandler Fast Stop and Dan and Janet Ballard from Herrick, The First State Bank and The Journal from Beecher City, the Ramsey Journal, the Shelbyville Daily Union, the Effingham Daily News and the Pana News Palladium. We guarantee a great time.

South Rabbit

Town Heights–

It has been a busy week in Rabbit Town.  I am sure that everyone had at least “some” weather they enjoyed.

The forecast is for “some” improvement this week. The farmers are ready and anxious to get seed in the ground.

Lou Ella Goldsborough, our sister-in-law, passed to heaven last week.  She had a very long illness and loving care by her husband, Charles, and her children.  The funeral was a beautiful tribute to her life by many friends and family. Our memories will last forever.

The “Sunrise” service at the cross at Wren Bridge will be held Easter Sunday, Apr. 20, at 6:30 a.m.

Pastor Nick Robertson (Herrick-Cowden) will be the speaker.  Arrangements by Kaskaskia  church will have a bonfire and coffee, cocoa and doughnuts. Please join us at the outdoor show of God’s glory.

Saturday was a very busy day. The Ramsey Community sale was a very large sale with many, many items available of every description.  It is a massive occasion with over 50 years of history.

The Darrel Sarver music “extravaganza“ was held with a very nice crowd.  Many people have told me that they were not aware of the date.  The music was great and the food was excellent.

Phyllis is feeling much better but was not able to attend the show.

Spring is here, Things are looking up. Thank you, God, for our many blessings. – Paul Sarver

Herrick News: February 6, 2014

South Rabbit

Town Heights–

The sun is shining bright this morning and it is 8º outside.  The weather man is saying it will not last long and will be a cold and nasty week. The ground hog at “Gobbler’s Knob” says 6 more weeks of winter. I sure hope the wood piles and propane tanks hold out.

I had a good week last week.  My dentist repaired my upper  plate (a good job) and my great grandkids did a great job entertaining Phyllis and I.  My recliner and TV is working very well and the second jig saw puzzle is progressing slowly.

Another special friend has went to her reward.  Betty Buchanan passed away but not until she had published a wonderful book of the Myers Cemetery at Herrick. It has grave locations and over 1,800 obituraries of the people buried there. Betty was a special person who dedicated her life to her and Maurice family and our community.  Rest in peace, Betty, your job well done.

I was very pleased to read of the things Mayor Myers had accomplished for St. Elmo.

I am looking forward to spring with much to do and feel the next year will be better.

The spring at Wren Bridge is running and spring weather is coming.

Thank you, God. – Paul Sarver

Herrick News: January 16, 2013

The monthly teen dance will be Friday, Jan. 24, in the Herrick Community Center from 7:00-10:00 p.m. and all teens from ages 12 through high school from the surrounding communities are invited and welcome to attend. There will be pizza available, sponsor drawings and the popular Limbo Contest. This month’s sponsors are The Chandler Fast Stop, The Community Banks of Shelby County and Dan and Janet Ballard, all from Herrick; The Beecher City Journal, The Shelbyville Daily Union, The Effingham Daily News and the Pana News-Palladium. Anyone wanting to celebrate a teen’s birthday or special occasion, be a sponsor or chaperone, they can call  217-343-2323 or 217-343-9282.

New Beginnings will be leading the morning worship service in the Herrick Christian Church on Sunday, Jan. 26. The worship service begins at 9:30 a.m. It is the annual “pack the house and fill the pews Sunday” and the worship group challenges all the congregation to bring at least three guests with them. Come on out and pack His house for Him on this Lord’s day.

South Rabbit

Town Heights–

No question about it, winter was here last week.  No one born in Rabbit Town in the last 40 years has seen the cold temperatures we had last week (-20 degrees below) and 5 inches of snow up to 12 inches in many places and 30 mph winds.  Most roads were blocked and schools and churches were closed Sunday and Monday.  Over 1,000 semi trucks were parked in Effingham and 365 vehicles were stuck in the snow. By Wednesday, the snow plows were back on the job.  The weather warmed up and things were (almost) normal by Saturday.

The residents were very well prepared with fuel and food and very few serious incidents. By Sunday, most of the snow melted and life returned to normal. I certainly appreciate the person who plowed the road to the spring and many folks were able to get water by Friday. Thank you very much for plowing the road. My family would not allow me to take the old mini-tractor (no cab) to plow it out.

Next week will be better. Phyllis has me very busy with a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle that will probably take until spring to complete. We have a wet spring ahead. Spring is on the way.  The main worry now is the politicians.  They have lost control of global warming, Medicare and trying to stop food production with new regulations on our freedoms.

Keep the faith. God will take care of you. – Paul Sarver

Herrick News: December 19, 2013

The County Line Country-Gospel Opry Show was Friday, Dec. 13, in the Herrick Community Center. Although the weather kept the attendance down, all present had a great time. The featured guest for this month’s show was Larry Smart from the Pana area. Those also performing were Howard (MC) Wallace, Bruce (Mighty Mouse) Kessler, Stan (Killer) Rich, Tad (Sir) Slater, Kenny Smart, Leon Smith, Mike Smith, Dale Wines, Missy Carlisle, Bob Barnes and  Brittany and Steve Seaton. Big thanks to Aaron Chaflin, Sandy Jostes and Carol Smart for taking care of the door and the kitchen and to our sponsors The Chandler Fast Stop and Kim Rodman for their continued support of the show. The next show will be Friday, Jan. 17, at 7:00 p.m.

South Rabbit

Town Heights–

A beautiful morning is Rabbit Town. The ground is white with snow and the traffic is very slow. I am just sitting in Mr. Rocker, looking out the windows and “pondering” times gone by.  It was 61 years ago today I married my sweetheart. I was sick, broke and hoping for some way to take care of her and hopefully the family we both wanted.

Today, our dreams have come true. Our health is great for our ages, 80-83.  We have 3 great children, a warm home and the ability to have most all of our “needs”

It has been a long and bumpy trail with many happy memories and many we have forgotten. We are very grateful for our friends and family who have made our dreams come true. My greatest blessing was and is, my beautiful bride, we have shared every happy and sad occasion together.

Our grandson, Pastor Todd Krost, delivered the Christmas message to the town of Sheffield. A  community service for all denominations. It was held in the Danish Church in Sheffield. The church was built in 1880, heated with wood, and the lighting was by kerosene lamps. Truly an old fashioned Chrismas.  We are very proud.

The “old folks” Christmas will be held after December 25. Due to our “kids” working during the hollidays.

The American Legion party will be Thursday, Dec. 19, at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Center.  It is to be on the warmest day of the week (the forecast), No gift exchange, just a donation to the food pantry.

The snow has gave our community a very beautiful season.  Don’t forget the “Reason for the Season.” Jesus came and died for all of us.

Thank you, God, for our many blessings.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – Paul and Phyllis Sarver

Herrick News: November 21, 2013

South Rabbit

Town Heights–

The sun is bright, but the air is cold this morning, Monday, Nov. 18.

The weather last week was not good. But most all the crops were harvested and a lot of fall tillage was done

Phyllis and I went to the Cumberland Trail poinsettia show Sunday afternoon. We were surprised to see the road blocked, east bound, with electric poles down. We turned south and the house and buildings on the right were destroyed and electric lines on the left were down. We drove through a debris filled road and 1/2 mile south to the greenhouse.  A generator was screaming but no damage to the greenhouse. After a brief tour, we attemped to go west on Rt. 40 but found it blocked near Avena and we detured and saw damage but soon we were at Brownstown. The trip home was very windy and sunshine and every thing at home was absolutely normal.

It was very sad to drive through the damaged area but an 83-year-old man is no help and should stay out of the way. Later, we learn a classmate of Phyllis’ had lost her home.

Phyllis and I visited and toured the greenhouse with Anna Jean Rhoades, the St Elmo area reporter.  I enjoyed our visit and leave the reports of the storm up to her.

The storms hit the Peoria and Urbana areas but no damage to property or our two new great-grandkids.

Sgt. Tim Cardinal was welcomed home from Afganastin (2 tours and 1 in Iraq) by his wife, Ginger, and boys, Brandt and Ryan.  A wonderful Thanksgiving for the men coming home.  Tim is the son-in-law of Larry and Lee Ann (our daughter) Sarver.

Thank you, God, for your many blessing. It’s great t live in Rabbit Town. – Paul Sarver

Herrick News: November 14, 2013

The monthly County Line Country-Gospel Opry show was Friday, Nov. 8, in the Herrick Community Center with very nice crowd in attendance. This was the annual Veterans and Thanksgiving show with a Thanksgiving meal. Everyone in attendance had a great time and enjoyed the meal. Thanks to Howard and Sandy Wallace for providing the turkey for the meal. The special guest for this month`s show was Barb Crumbley from Arcola and she was a definite crowd pleaser. Other performers for this month`s show were Howard (MC) Wallace, Stan (Killer) Rich, Leon Smith, Tad (Sir) Slater, Mike May, Dale Wines, Terri Phillips, Dawn Morgason, Kim Rodman, Newcomer Les Edwards (Bass Guitar), Avo McMillen, June Crockett, Violet Adams, Kenny Smart, John Miner and Steve Seaton. Thanks to Joann Moutrie, Aaron Chafflin, Ruby Mose, Nettie Wagner, Bernadine Winters, Michelle Durbin, Leona Black and Carol Smart for taking care of the door and the kitchen and to our sponsors, The Chandler Fast Stop and Kim Rodman for the generous drawing gifts and all of the fine folks in attendance for their generous donations. The next show will be Friday, Dec. 13, at 7:00 p.m., in the Community Center. This will be the Christmas show.

South Rabbit

Town Heights–

It’s Veteran’s Day in Rabbit Town and it seems like winter is here. Last week was a very busy week at our house.

Last Monday, Samuel Jennings Schifo was born to Tasha and Jason Schifo and welcomed by his brother, Jakob, and sisters Molly and Abigail. Wednesday, Harper Jane Krost arrived, born to Todd and Christina Krost and was welcomed by sisters, Madeline and Ava. All are doing very well including grandparents, Mike and Vicki Sarver Krost. The great-grandparents are Paul and Phyllis Sarver, Herrick, and Frank and Delva Krost of St Elmo.

Great-grandmother Phyllis is working hard on her PhD (projects half done), completing the quilts for the new arrivals.

We received a picture of great-granddaughter, Abigail, 2-1/2. On the walk at the hospital, she saw a senior man walking with difficulty. She ran up to the man and said to him, ‘take my hand so we can walk together.” We are very proud of her.

Friday the school students of Christ Tabernacle had a program to honor veterans. The show was wonderful and showed a great pride to all veterans and finished with lunch for alll.  A very impressive program.  All veterans thank them.

I feel great because all my crops have be harvested for the year and the yields of corn and beans was very satisfactory. Thank to my hard working tennants.

On Sunday morning, I visited the spring at Wren Bridge and a man and his grandson approached and said he had camped there many times but not for many years (since 1952). His grandson, 12, had taken a fire arms school but had never fired a shotgun.  Who should he see to get permission? I informed him I was the owner and he was welcome (and told him my rules).  I had him to look across the river and we saw a church having a baptism and to move away to a safe place and he happliy agreed. We both agreed that people who grew up with guns and close supervision were much better qualified to handle them than the people who never handle weapons.

Life goes on.  It’s great to live in Rabbit Town. – Paul Sarver

Herrick News: November 7, 2013

South Rabbit

Town Heights–

About the only thing I am sure of is that Halloween is over.  It was great fun for the young kids, with many great memories for the old folks (like me). One “memory” was a farmer’s truck, loaded with beans was missing. The sheriff was called and many were called to hunt the country for it. Six months later it was found parked in his barn, battery down and tires low.  The people searching had assuned they were looking for a different truck.  I was not involved.

The sad note to me is that Thanksgiving is completely forgotten this year. I suppose that the world has nothing to be thankful for.  I feel, I don’t have enough paper to list the things the folks in this community should be thankful for.

The Herrick Music Show, Friday, Nov 8, will have a Thanksgiving dinner at 6:30 p.m. Roast turkey will be served (free to all). A dish or dessert can be brought by guests. The dinner will be served before music starts.  Come and enjoy.

Last Saturday was busy in Herrick and Cowden. The American Legion/Auxiliary in Herrick served the 19th District caravan at noon.

The Cowden Boy Scouts had a “holliday Bazarr” at the Community Center witha food stand and several local craftsmen and venders showing their wares.

Saturday evening, the “Road Riders for Jesus” sponsored a Veterans appreciation program and benefit in the Herrick Community Center.  The Center was filled with folks and a good time at the very successful benefit

Friday, Nov.  8, at 10:00 a.m., the Mid-America Preparatory School will have its sixth annual Veteran’s Day Celebration in Christ Tabernacle Church, Herrick.  This is a beautiful program honoring all Veterans.  I look forward to it.  All veterans invited.

The harvest is slowing down but not complete. The weather is slowing drying, but work is getting done as fast as possible.

Don’t forget Thanksgiving.  We have much to be thankful for.

Still waiting on those great-grandkids.

Thank you, God, for our many blessings. – Paul Sarver

Herrick News: October 31, 2013

The God and Country annual fund-raiser will be Saturday, Nov. 2, in the Herrick Community Center. This event is sponsored by the local chapter of Road Riders of Jesus motorcycle ministry. Serving of the food will begin around 5:00 p.m. and the colors will be presented at 6:00, with honoring local and area veterans right after the presentation of the colors. “Heaven Bound” will take the stage shortly after the opening ceremonies and perform until 7:30 p.m. “The Misdemeanor Band” will perform from 7:30-9:00 p.m. There will be a silent and regular auction throughout the night along with door prizes and a 50/50 drawing. All proceeds from this event will go to Toys for Tots.

South Rabbit

Town Heights–

A beauful morning Monday when I started the day.  Crisp, cool, with a white frost covering the fields. The road is very busy with farm trucks taking the corn and beans to market. Harvest is going ahead as fast as possible with the late naturing crops and high moisture levels our farmers will handle it.

Phyllis and I were occupied with doctors visits and waiting for the birth of two new great-grand kids and she completed a program of physical therapy to her balance/walking ability (very successful).

I took my cousin, Richard, on a drive to check the harvest and stock our pantry for winter.  We stopped at Frank’s Orchard south of St. Elmo.  Frank and his family moved here from Chicago several years ago and planted the orchard and vegetable farm.  He and his beautiful family worked very hard and have become a very important part or our community with fruit and vegetables. His apple cider is my favorite and we really enjoy his apple-peaches and vegetables.  I feel his family are enjoying the “American Dream” and shows what a hard working family can accomplish.

After getting my ‘cider,” available until Christmas, we drove to the “Country Store,” halfway between St. Peter and Shobnier. We stocked up on food and supplies for winter.  They have a wonderful stock of everything my mother used to buy when she went to the grocery store. It never stops amazing me. The Amish foods are delicous. It was a nice trip and visit for Richard and I.

A nice break to get away from the trials and troubles of the world caused by the government and our not working officals.

Phyllis and I are very proud that our grandson, Todd Krost, (also Frank and Delva Krost,  St Elmo).  He was approved for commissioning as a Provisional Elder of the Great Rivers Conference of the United Methodist Church.  He will be ordained as a minister in June.  He is the son of Mike and Vicki (Sarver) Krost of Chillocothe.  We are very proud.

Just a reminder to American Legion members, the District “Caravan” will be in Herrick this Saturday at noon.  The Auxiliary will be serving lunch.

Our week will be mostly waiting for the two new great-grandchildren with Phyllis working to complete the baby quilts.

It’s great to live in Rabbit Town. – Paul Sarver

Herrick News: October 24, 2013

South Rabbit

Town Heights–

The sun is shining but it is very cool and will probably have our frost this week.

The farmers are working very hard to harvest their crops, but they have serious problems with late maturity and showers keeping them out of the fields.

Everyone is keeping busy getting things ready for winter. Brad worked very hard getting his equipment ready for winter storage and filling his storage trailer.

The Herrick American Legion/Auxiliary had their October meetings last week.  The 19th District “Caravan” will be held Saturday, Nov. 2, in the Legion home at 12:00 noon.  The auxiliary will serve lunch at noon. All members are asked to attend .

The Shelby County Legion meeting will be  held in the  Oconee Legion on Monday, Oct. 28, at 7:00 p.m.

The Herrick Legion/Auxiliary Christmas party will be in the Community Center in Herrick on Dec. 19,  at 6:00 p.m.  Everyone plan to attend.

Herrick is very lucky to have the “new” restaurant, the food and service is great.  The atmosphere and decor are great.  It is defiantly the “elite” place to meet and eat. Check it out, you will love it.

The spring at Wren Bridge is just rolling on.  I visited with folks from Cowden, Beecher City, Vandalia, Brownstown and Fillmore last Sunday.  Most folks just enjoying the fall scenery and filling water jugs. The river is very low but the spring just stays the same, filling gallon containers in 15 seconds.

Life goes on in Rabbit Town, we are staying close to home waiting on words that are new great-grand babies have arrived. Phyllis wonders if they will arrive before the quilts that she is making will get finished.

We try to ignore the politics and ignorance of our elected officials.

It’s great to live in Rabbit Town. – Paul Sarver