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Letters to Editor: June 4, 2015

Thanks For Making Birthday Memorable

Dear Editor:

On Sunday, May 17, God provided an afternoon of excellent weather for Joe’s 90th birthday celebration.

The 300-plus registered guests crystalized the memories of the day. The Rochester High School musicians set the atmosphere for this happy event. Our thanks to Pana High School alum, Dennis Jones, Rochester High School band director of 24 years and counting.

The members of the Pana Fire Department who volunteered again, displayed their professional safety concern for the people as they efficiently shuttled our visitors in their “buggies” to and from Lincoln School parking lot. (By the way, we were informed that the shuttlers were Hometown Food Center’s highest volume ice cream consumers).

Our thanks to Tim Christer, his staff and to all the visitors who helped create this special day.

May God continue to bless us all.


Joe McCracken and Family


 United Healthcare Insurance at St. John’s

Dear Editor:

During the last week of March this year, because of chest pains, I was taken to St. John’s Hospital in Springfield for two days of observation. Although I had taken my prescription medicines from home with me to the hospital, I was not allowed to take them, as this would be considered “self-administered medication.” Instead, St. John’s provided my medication.

Upon receiving my hospital bill, I found that my insurance carrier, United Healthcare, had refused payment for my prescription medicines that the hospital had provided. I was told when I contacted my insurance that I should have brought my medicines in the prescription bottles to the hospital and had them checked and approved by the doctor/pharmacy if I wished to use my prescriptions from home and not incur these extra charges.


Donald W. Kroski



Disappointed With No Flags Memorial Day

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to voice my disappointment.

I was very disappointed over Memorial Day weekend when I drove through the downtown area and saw that there were no flags being flown in our town. This was very disturbing since we have a VFW, AMVETS, and AMERICAN LEGION  groups.

I would have thought one of these groups would have put them out to display our public spirit.  What are we teaching the future generation of this town? If we adults don’t set the example then how can you expect any more from our kids.

We are Americans and we should show our support for those brave men and women who gave and are still giving us our freedom today.  If there is a lack of help putting flags out, I would be willing to do it myself or get a group of people that would.  Lets not let Pana become a non-patriotic town.

God Bless & God Bless America.

Scott Sims



Jesus Loves You Ministry Thanks Kasch Memorial

Dear Editor,

I saw an amazing event unfold and the presence of God in Pana this past Saturday night at the most unlikeliest place, Joe’s Corvette Shed outside the city of Pana. There I saw a community gathering around a family honoring the memory of their daughter, friend, sister and Mom, Terra Henschen Kasch. This memorial fundraiser dinner included farmers, business people, doctors, lawyers, our sheriff and even a couple of judges in attendance. Some of the people who gathered there are very prominent people in our community and some are not but all gathered together united in love, pouring out their hearts and their wallets to support the great work that is done in our community honoring the memory of Terra Henschen Kasch.

Every year on January 1st Jesus Loves You Ministries receives a $1,000 donation from Terra’s memorial fund. This money goes into a special account our ministries created that we call our “Love Account.” With this specific funding we are able to step into the lives of people who are suffering through a difficult time and demonstrate love in its purest form by meeting a critical need. I see Terra’s heart behind every act of love our ministries demonstrates.

I would like to thank every person involved in the Terra Kasch Memorial Fundraiser Dinner, from those who purchased dinner tickets to all who were involved in cooking and serving the dinner. I would especially like to thank Caulie & Jessy, Terry & Georgeann, Brett & Beth, Lisa, Joe & Annette. You may never have the opportunity to tell someone in need “Jesus loves you” but, the yearly donation you make to our ministry as well as all the other caring organizations says it, all to honor Terra. God bless you all!


Stacey L. Shallenbarger

Jesus Loves You Ministries

Letters to the Editor: August 21, 2014

Thanks To Bohannon’s: Support Local Businesses

Dear Editor,

Many children I work with, and even adults I know, say they can’t wait to “get out” of our little town. They say this town has gone downhill, that there are better places to raise their families or places with more opportunities, but please let me give you just one reason I love living in Pana.

This past weekend, I did something stupid that many of you might be able to identify with – got a ring stuck on my finger so badly that it turned purple and swollen. I tried for two days on my own, but by Sunday noon, I had no more options. Where else but here could I call a jewelry store owner’s home, have someone offer to meet me ten minutes later, open up just for me, and cut the ring off, saving finger and ring both?

That’s the kind of hometown goodness you can’t find in Springfield or St. Louis! If I had lived there, I would have ended up with a $1,000 bill from the emergency room and a ruined wedding ring. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate Margaret and Karin of Bohannon’s Jewelry. They both went out of their way to help me, taking up their own weekend family time.

We all want a “good deal” or the best sale price on whatever we are buying. Money is tight, that’s sure. But when we save $2 or $3 (or even $20 on a “big-ticket” item, such as jewelry or an appliance or a car) by buying out of town, we are putting our hometown businesses out of business. If we want the kind of people, like Bohannon’s, who will help us out and treat us like neighbors and friends they know, we need to support them by buying local. If we want our businesses downtown to look nice again, we have to make it possible for the owners to make a profit.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Margaret and Karin this week, but as I look back on my life in this town, I should have written this letter many times for kind things people have done to help me out of a pinch. Loan officers at First National have met me after hours or early in the morning so I wouldn’t have to miss work. Holthaus’ has dropped everything and come right away to fix a washer or freezer. Tom Morrell got out in a snow storm to help my friend who had locked her keys in a running car. Pizza Man gives school groups I sponsor huge discounts, and practically every Pana business advertises in our yearbook, buys booster club memberships, etc. What Pana lacks in material wealth, we more than make up for in the kindness, friendliness, and helpfulness of our people.

Thanks again, Margaret and Karin, for reminding me of that this weekend!


Deeanna Stalets



Lions Club Sweet Corn Fundraiser Successful

Dear Editor:

We have so many people to thank for a very successful sweet corn fundraiser held in July.

To those that donated sweet corn seed and plots to plant on: Kevin and Jon Mickey of Mickey Seed Company; David Dorn and Son, Dorn Farms; Lynn Henschen; John and Jeff Scott; and Owaneco FS and Effingham Equity (Pana facility). Tri-County Feed also donated seed.

Special thanks to Pana Boy Scout Troop 99, Jim LaMarche leader and several other scout leaders for their help picking the sweet corn. Others helping pick were Wade McMillen, Nick McMillen, Blake Kircher, Robert Deere, Gabe Henschen and Lincoln McGrath.

Many Lions Club members helped organize and pick corn, then spent hours selling it.

And finally, thank you to the Pana community for supporting our fundraiser and purchasing the many dozens of sweet corn, allowing the Lions Club to support the many charities in our community.

Thanks to everyone.


Pana Lions Club


Loaves & Fishes To Collect Food During Labor Day Parade

Dear Editor:

Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry plans to have a trailer in this year’s Labor Day Parade to collect non-perishable food for the food pantry.

The people of Pana have been very generous in the past. Last year we received nearly one ton of food and large monetary donations.

The Pana News-Palladium has always been very supportive of our efforts and the “Don’t come to the parade empty-handed” phrase is greatly appreciated.

The food pantry will be open before and during the parade to receive donations.

We offer our sincere thanks to everyone who helps us in our efforts to help do God’s work.


Charlie Weers

Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry

Letters to the Editor: August 7, 2014

Praises Officer Ladage, Police Department

Dear Editor,

As everyone has heard, one of our own officers was involved in a very major confrontation recently and was shot. Thank the Lord above he will be OK.

He is a husband and father and a very well respected citizen and employee of Pana. We now understand how important training is for our officers and how important it is to have all of our officers. So very important, no matter what the cost. So the cost isn’t a life. I personally would like to thank Adam for doing his best in keeping our small town as safe as he can. His fight, along with all the other officers, against drugs and crime is not an easy one. We all should be glad we have such an outstanding officer and citizen of Pana to put himself in the fight for a drug-free environment. Just as freedom doesn’t come free, neither does our fight again drugs and crime.

Please, when you see Adam the next time or any of our officers, tell them “thank you” for what they do. Our appreciation needs to be shown to all our officers for this ongoing struggle to keep our town safe and drug free.

I am very proud Adam is one of “our” officers and my union brother.

Thank you Adam for your commitment. I wish you a speedy recovery. And thanks to his wife and children for your sacrifice.


Patty Butkauskas

President AFSCME Local #726


Thanks For Help With Car Show

Dear Editor:

Kerr Mize Post #168 would like to thank all our sponsors for making our first Classic Car Show such a success. We appreciate their efforts for our veterans and our community.

To Miss Lucy Kennedy for her beautiful voice and singing our National Anthem, thank you.

Sponsors: Micar, Dallas Stout, AmVets Post #44, Walter Bingaman, VFW Post #4431, Lincoln Land Credit Union, Branna, LLC, Cherry’s Auto Body, Crawford Enterprise, Hubbartt Motors, Dixon Builders, Frank Allbright Ins., McCracken-Dean Funeral Home, AAA Asbestos Service, Gary Pearse, Montgomery County Wildlife, Bob Ridings, Taylor Trading, National Bank of Pana, Nohren Hardware, Beyers Chiropractic, First National Bank, Junction Garden Center,

Rosebud Cafe, Siegert-Lees Ins., Tan Lines, Holthaus Heating & Appliance, Ishmael Insurance, Coleman Salvage, Pro Auto Care, Morrell Auto Service, Wilborn Creek Motors, Rose City Wreckers, Pizza Man, Grissom-Schmitz Realty, American Legion Kerr-Mize Post #168, Lee’s Auto Body, James R. Stout Sr., Hilton Plumbing, Trophies R Us, Save-A-Lot.


Walter Bingaman

Kerr Mize Post #168

Letters to the Editor: May 1, 2014

More ‘Eye-Sores’ Pointed Out

Dear Editor,

Do you ever wonder what people think of Pana when they come into Pana from the south? They see an old run down refinery office with knee-high grass.

Do you ever wonder about the tanks in back? Are they empty? Are they still full? Are they leaking into the ground? I sure wonder why something isn’t being done to remove these eye sores.

Why is the old east end grocery store still standing. I see it is roped off – does that mean it poses a danger? If so, why is it still standing? Why is the house next to it still standing?

I’m still wondering. Are you?


Donna Inman


We applaud Mrs. Inman’s zeal, but we need to point out, 1) It is our understanding all of the tanks – above and below ground – have been removed from the refinery site. However, a few out-buildings remain. We also find the weeds and dilapidated office a problem; 2) Recently, a Pana city crew eliminated the falling porch at the old grocery store, so the path is now clear. We also understand a bill has been sent to the owner for the work. – T. Latonis.


Letters to the Editor: January 23, 2013

Memorable Day For Illini Marching Band Also

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the University of Illinois Marching Illini, I want to thank all of the people of Pana and those that organized the Labor Day festivities for our warm reception while in your beautiful town.  Our visit and performance was filled with gracious thank you’s along with red carpet treatment.  We certainly hope you enjoyed our performances throughout the day and please know this was a memorable day for us.

Our sincerest thank you and best wishes in 2014!


Professor Barry L. Houser

Director of the Marching Illini & Athletic Bands


Over 250 Christmas Baskets Given To Area Families

Dear Editor:

Pana Christmas Basket Committee would like to thank all who helped make the 2013 Christmas baskets a success.

Over 250 baskets were given to families in the Pana area.

Again, we say thank you to all who gave money, food supplies and their time with helping pack and deliver baskets. We apologize if we unintentionally left someone off of the list.

Donations: Pana Walmart, Brett Henschen, Joe Coleman, Terra Kasch Memorial, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pearson, Mark Shelite American Family Ins., Bob Ridings, McCracken-Dean Funeral Home, Pana Rotary Club, Pana Monument, Roadrunner Lawn Ornaments, Presnell Brothers, Countryside Campers, Pana Family Dental Dr. Clark, Morrell Auto, St. Patrick’s Church, Pana Knights of Columbus,

Siegert-Lees Insurance, Dr. Joseph Marcin, Pana Dairy Queen, First National Bank of Pana, Gerald Porter, Christer Save-A-Lot, Pana Medical Group, Trexler & Co., CPAs, Pana Elks Lodge 1261, Holthaus Heating & Appliance, Beyers Chiropractic, Pizza Man, Harold and Marilyn Endris, John Bohannon, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Klay, Pana Bait Company, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Downs,

Peggy Bryson, Dennis Kaiser, Al and Sarah Stupek, Vicki Gullion, Pana Lodge AF & AM 226, Peoples Bank & Trust, Land of Lincoln Credit Union, Pana VFW Post 4431, James and Susan McElroy, Larry and Barbara Stolte, South Fork United Methodist Women, Don and Marcia Allen, Kitchen Class FUMC, Fred and Karen Suey, Charles Smith, Nazarene Church, Helen Hill, Bernice Merrifield, Dave and Diane Slater,

Grissom-Schmitz Realty, New Life Community Church, Loyal Order of the Moose, Travelers Protective Association, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Wiss, Floyd and Constance Virden, Scott Fribley, Jane McMillen, Anonymous, John and Denise Orton, Diane Hildebrand, Community Presbyterian Church, Rosalie McLeod, Linda Kehias, Ronald and Kathleen Cochran, Bob and Peg Velliquette, Dr. and Mrs. Quizon,

Rosemary Voudrie, Bruce and Jerry Wieneke, Tom and Lorraine Jones, Wally Downs, Pana Lions Club, Marion and Beverly Smart, Stanley and Nina Elvers, Peoples Bank & Trust employees, Dr. Robert Wooley, Joe McCracken, Dorothy Hrabak, John Metzger, John and Mary Scott, Lincoln School students and staff, Washington School students and staff, Pana High School and Pana Junior High students and staff, Heritage Health,

Delta Theta Tau, Jerry and Linda Jordan, United In Faith Church Women’s Fellowship, Mary Pugsley, Castle Apartments, Mark Handy Transport, Quad County Home Health & Hospice, Peoples Bank & Trust donation box, Gale McRoberts, Deb Zueck, Bob and Rose Zueck, Dave and Peggy Dively, Hickory Estates, Pana McDonald’s, Pana News-Palladium, Phil Dressen Realty, Wanita Lucas, Prairie Farms Stark Dist., Eric Denton, Castle Concrete, United Pentecostal Church.


Sue Castle and Ron Sims

Co-Chairmen, Pana Christmas Baskets

Letters to the Editor: November 21, 2013

Need To End Proration

Dear Editor:

During American Education Week (November 18-22) we should pause to honor the teachers, support staff and administrators who work tirelessly every day to help students learn. It is also a time to reflect on the critical need to provide every child with a quality public education.

We continue to see great success in our schools despite tremendous challenges. Our schools face greater accountability than ever before. We are also implementing the new common core curriculum. Yet we have less time and money to meet those challenges.

Illinois ranks 50th out of 50 states in support of education. This point has been driven home the last month with the Pana School Board facing the issue of whether or not to close Jefferson Middle School. They didn’t want to do this, but the only other choice left was to cut programs like music, physical education, art and increased class size. Imagine how tough your family budgets would be with 89% of the amount of money you made three years ago. How would you survive? That is what the State of Illinois has asked school districts across the state to do. General State Aid this year has been prorated at a little less than 89% of the FY 2011 amount. This is forcing school districts to make difficult decisions and decisions that are affecting our children’s future. This isn’t fair to our students. The only way to stop this if for our State Legislature to end the proration of general state aid. I am asking all of you to contact your legislators and urge them to end proration. We owe it to our children to fund education properly!


Paul Donahue

Pana Education

Association President


More Notes On Common Core

Dear Editor,

Just a little more information about what’s happening in our schools.

Everything your child does is being tracked. There are points of data that are being collected on your child and shared with the federal government. Data such as, their medical history, disciplinary records, bus stop locations and times.

You may have thought parental rights gave you the power of consent for this data to be collected and shared. In fact, you really have no say in the matter. You may think that is as far as they will go. They won’t be asking your child’s religion or your political preferences. But, you really have no say in that either. The system can be expanded as deemed necessary.

Once again, you as a parent have been removed from the equation. The federal government is in charge of what your child will learn and consequentially what he will be prepared to do with his or her life. Do you really trust the government with this information? Can you be sure that this information will not be shared on purpose or not. Is the information secure? Look at the problems the new healthcare laws are encountering. It is a federal program that is already being hacked because it is not secure.

If you are concerned about this or would just like more information about it please feel free to contact me at or call 217-820-4540. There may be a way out of this.


Jean Crosby


Letter to the Editor: November 14, 2013

Common Core Teaching Program A Disaster

Dear Editor,

There is a growing discontent among us about our schools and what is being taught in them. We see all sorts of stories on the news about Common Core; data mining, regimentation of lessons, and tests, tests, tests. It is hard to decipher what is true and what is not. However, it is easy to blame the teachers, the superintendent, and the School Board. But who is really responsible for this mess.

Here are some facts that I encourage you to check out. First, Illinois is one of the 46 states that have adopted the Common Core Standards. They have replaced the Standards that Illinois spent millions and millions of dollars writing and rewriting, testing and re-testing since 1985 when this began.

The Common Core Standards were written by two Washington D.C. trade based organizations, The National Governors Association and The Council of Chief State School Officers. They worked with a progressive non-profit organization known as Achieve. Their report is entitled Bench Marking for Success. This effort was funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. (Think Windows).

These two facts are enough to make me begin questioning this process. You see as far as I can tell, no one – not one of these well educated important people – have ever taught a five-year-old their numbers and letters. Not one has actually faced 25 six year olds and taught them to read. So why does every Kindergarten and first grade teacher in 46 states have to teach to the standards that they came up with? What makes anyone think that these people know what a five-year-old should be taught? They have titles but no experience.

Interestingly, all the tests that have been developed to test The Common Core Standards have to be done on a computer (think Apple) and most of the curriculum materials for teaching to the tests are provided by Achieve, Inc. Someone is getting very, very rich and powerful in this scheme.

Illinois adopted The Common Core Standards before they were completely written. Why? Money. The federal government allocated $4.35 billion dollars for the states that adopted the standards and participated in Race To The Top. Race To The Top replaced No Child Left Behind which wasn’t working either. Illinois did not get any money from Race To The Top. But what they did get was The Common Core Standards.

Now, your children from Kindergarten through high school are being taught based on a nationalized, standardized curriculum written by a bunch of inexperienced strangers in Washington, D. C. Your teachers, your principals, your superintendent and your school board has nothing to say about what is being taught to your children. They had nothing to do with the implementation of this curriculum. Neither did your legislators. Your voice was never heard. They sold your children’s education. Now what are you going to do about it?


Jean Crosby



Pleased With Lower Gasoline Prices

Dear Editor,

What a joy it is to have some competition at the gasoline pumps in Pana.

In the 13 years we have lived here, each and every one of the gas stations in town have been perpetrating a practice of “price fixing” on the people of Pana. Finally we have some competition in the marketplace.

The new Sunny Mart Citgo station, across from the Family Video, is not part of the conspiracy. As a reward to them, I have become one of their loyal customers. I hope others will follow suit.

Price competition is the American way! Thanks to the new owners of the Sunny Mart Citgo.


Roland R. Carlson


(Editor’s Note: This letter was received prior to the announcement of the Sunny Mart Station’s closing. – TL)

Letters to the Editor: September 26, 2013


Puppy Found Home/Love

Dear Editor:

We would like to thank whoever dumped a blonde beagle/golden retriever mixed puppy on our land near Tower Hill in November 1999.

We named her Peyton. She was a very sweet dog and she melted our hearts.

Peyton lived for 14 years, until we had to put her to sleep after a melanoma was found in her mouth. We wanted to bury her on the land but we could not.

I hope whoever dropped Peyton off on our land will see this and remember her (the dog they dumped). We thank you for the joy she brought us. She has been truly missed.


Nancy Leach


Letters to the Editor: September 12, 2013

Thanks To All Who Helped With Benefit

Dear Editor,

Last month, on August 14, the home of Kimberlee Morrison and her family burned, causing a loss of most, if not all, of the 4 boys’ property that lived there.

We started an initiative immediately following to try to raise a little extra money and some donations to get the boys their school supplies, clothing, and possibly even some of the fun stuff they lost in the fire. I was personally blown away by all of the love and support this project received.

Thank you to all of the donors who helped raise money by donating their products and services to be raffled: Mary Katlin Photography, Morrell Auto Service, Holly Stark Photography, Merle Norman Cosmetics, Dairy Queen of Pana, Pizza Man of Pana, Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center-Medical Records Department, Pizza Hut of Pana, BP of Pana, Flat Branch Farms-Assumption, Candy’s Flowers and Gifts, Hair Designs II and Pana Masonic Lodge.

And,  a big thank you as well to the people who helped make our fund raiser possible: Danielle Semro, Donna Howse, Mitzi Holland, Linda Dust, Laura Mentzer, Erika Matthews, Amanda Harmston, Leandra Fry, Christy Hocq, Rachel Reatherford, Ruth Rigdon, Angie Worker, Jamie Reinstorf, Betty Puckett, Maggie Rhodes, Tanya Keller, Rebecca Reinstorf and Erin Jones.

It is my hope that Pana will continue to come together to help one another and boost the town reputation by leading by example.


Sarah Golden



Jesus Loves You Ministry Benefits Community

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter to inform our community about the NPO Jesus Loves You Ministry. I recently became a volunteer. I have found that many people in our community are not aware of what this organization consists of and how much it benefits the community.

Stacey Shallenbarger established this ministry. Stacey is a reformed drug addict. She was addicted to drugs, including meth and the manufacture of meth. She completed an in-patient drug treatment within three months. She then committed herself to a nine month program at the Shadow House in Taylorville. It was there that she found the passion to create the Jesus Loves You Ministry.

It is her goal to help others reclaim their lives and leave their addiction  behind. She provides transportation to anyone living in Christian County to court dates, probation appointments and any in-patient or out-patient drug treatment in surrounding counties. The ministry provides love, support and encouragement to the addict and their family in their time of need. Stacey is available to give testimonies to schools, churches and other organizations.

We are all aware of the widespread drug problem. We are very fortunate to have this organization in our community. Since this organization is a non-profit, funding is based on donations and fundraisers. I’ve witnessed the generosity from this community in time of need. With more funding, Stacey would be able to provide more services and cover areas outside  of Christian County.

With this information, I hope this community will once again pull together and get on board to support Jesus Loves You Ministries.

For information, you can visit the website at: If you would like to be a volunteer you can contact me at 217-820-1037 or

If you would like to make a donation, mail it to: Jesus Loves You Ministries, P.O. Box 222, Taylorville, IL 62568 or in person to Stacey at 217-827-7392.


Barbara Tipsword


Letters to the Editor: August 22, 2013

Asks Public To Support ‘Friends of the Parade’

Dear Editor,

This is an open letter to the citizens of Pana and the surrounding area.

On behalf of the Pana Labor Day Parade Committee, I would like to say “thank you” for the tremendous support of the “Friends of the Parade” so far this year.

However, we still need your help in funding this year’s parade. If you enjoy this Pana tradition, now and in the future, please consider supporting the “Friends of the Parade” campaign if you have not done so yet.

Besides the normal great line-up of the parade, this year’s parade features the University of Illinois Marching Band. Many of you will remember the 1991 and 1993 appearances of the Marching Illini in the Labor Day Parade. It was a great honor to have them march here then and it will be an honor to have them back this year.

Not only will the Marching Illini be in the parade, they will also give a free performance at Brummett Field at Pana High School at 2:00 p.m. on Labor Day Monday. So, not only do we need your financial support, we also need your attendance at this performance. Let’s fill the bleachers on both sides and ring the football field to show these musicians our appreciation and support for coming to Pana and hopefully consider coming back in the future.

How special is this appearance? The Marching Illini are performing only three times outside of the U of I campus and Illini football games. One of those performances is a halftime show at a Chicago Bears game.

It is also special due to the “ties” the band has with Pana. Brian Pastor of Pana, son of Debbie and the late John Pastor, is a member of the band and Theresa Steiner, Pana School Music Director, was a drum major for the Marching Illini in 2010. Ms. Steiner, along with John Metzger and Carol Chandler – who were instrumental in getting the band here in the 90’s – are to be commended for their efforts in making this appearance of the Marching Illini possible.

The Parade Committee’s goal is to “wow” the 350-member Marching Illini Band members with some great Pana hospitality. From the time they get off the bus until the time they get back on, we want them to feel welcome in Pana. The Parade Committee’s two biggest responsibilities are providing transportation and lunch for the band. The committee has been working hard to make sure the lunch is an enjoyable one for all of them.

Cheer on the Marching Illini at the parade and be sure to attend the performance at 2:00 p.m. Monday afternoon at the football field.

And please be generous in supporting the “Friends of the Parade” campaign. Send your check to “Friends of the Parade, P O Box 200, Pana IL 62557. You can also drop off your donation at the Pana News-Palladium office, 205 S. Locust St., Pana. You can also give your donation to any Parade Committee member.


Jim Downs


Pana Labor Day Parade Committee