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Herrick News: April 4, 2013

by Betty Burrus

For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account. Hebrews 4:12-13


Sunday was a beautiful day and many found themselves outside enjoying the day.

Saturday, Apr. 6, starting at 11:00 a.m. in the Herrick Community Center, the Masonic Lodges of Herrick, Oconee and Pana along with the Herrick Community Center will again sponsor the Darrell Sarver Extravaganza. Meals will be served and the music will be “whipped up” by many of the “Country Gentlemen.” Our County Line Band, Wally Bechtel, Tad Slater, Darrell Sarver when he is able, Stan Rich, drummer Leon Smith, Tommy Smith and many others, (I know I have forgotten someone, but it is not intentional just getting older and more forgetfulness), with Art Ford joining them. Firp Redman, Hamilton, Mont., Mike Seely, Louisville, Ky., Buddy Osteen, Sheriff Mike Miller and Art Ford, Oxford, Wis., along with many others who will join front stage with them. Then, at 5:00 p.m., Mayor Steve Seaton will join the music with his Misdemeanor County Band. Donation is $3 per person.

We are so fortunate to have these fine men who return two times a year to bring wonderful music to our fair village. Firp came in on the Amtrak on Saturday to spend some time with family and friends. The County Line Band provides country music every month with a wonderful following of friends who come just to hear them. We do enjoy their music and it shows by crowds each month.

Beverly Blackerby news: March 16, 17 and 18, she celebrated the birthdays of her brothers, Bill and Gene Fish.  Mar. 18, Bernadine Winter and Beverly attended the Farm Bureau breakfast in Shelbyville. There was such a nice group of young farmers present and most were thought to be 4-H members.

Mar. 22, Beverly went to the Fillmore Museum Soup Supper and then on over to the Shiloh Baptist Church for hymn singing. The hymn singing will be held at the New Bethel Church in April.  Saturday night, many enjoyed the library Bingo held yearly as a fundraiser for the library at the Herrick Community Center.

Saturday, Mar. 30, Beverly was in Shelbyville to attend the 80th birthday party for Pat Kensil. Beverly Blackerby visited briefly with Wendal and I and of course, Molly on Monday evening. Sunday, Mar. 31, was a big day at the Mt. Carmel Church service, as 12 members of her sister Vida Mae’s family all from the Bloomington area surprised family with their presence. Ruth Ann, Dean and Valeria Miller, Tabby, Luke and Jaxon, Stephanie, Tim, Ashley, James, John, and McKinzie Boolman, Mary Lockwood who was also celebrating her 90th birthday and Beverly Ann had Easter at brother Gene Fish’s Farm. It was a wonderful day for kites and little ones “gathering” the Easter eggs.

Ed and Lena Witt joined family at the home of Paul and Susan Berryman in Shelbyville to enjoy the Easter celebration. Those attending were Ethan, Ashton and Ava Ballinger, Brandon and Savanna Pope, Ashlee Berryman and Jesse Johnston. It was a wonderful day for the traditional Easter egg hunt.

Dean and Teresa Chandler were guests of Dan, Carol and Chase Chandler for Easter dinner along with Denny and Linda Chandler, Debbie Pope and Joryn Gour.  The day was spent visiting and making memories.

Wendal and I enjoyed our Easter dinner at daughter Lisa Bass, Shelby and Tim, Mitzi Howell and Tia, grandchildren Emma and Toby, Lance and Julie Pritts, Dustin and Dakota. We celebrated “my birthday,” too. It’s really Apr. 2.  I enjoyed the day so much and the quietness of the day. I even got my favorite cake, nothing more than a white cake. The kids always want chocolate and even though I like chocolate, I really appreciated my favorite. The little ones spent time looking for the traditional Easter eggs which had been hidden in the house. They kept looking for candy, as their little mouths were full already of the candy. Granddaughter Heidi Stephens was missed as she had passed out early Sunday morning at home and spent a few hours in the ER. Glad to hear that she is okay. I received a telephone call Sunday evening from son, Boyd from Texas. I received many nice cards today and a special card from old friend, Doris Huber of Nokomis. Doris and I go back to our childhood days and she will forever be a dear friend. Thanks to everyone for making it such a nice day.

Toodles Davis visited with Wendal and I one day last week.

Nelvin Wilson has shared that he has seen mama Eagle feeding her chick. There were about 13 people at the Shanty Sunday passing by and watching the nest while he was there.

There was a nice crowd at the Sunrise Service which was held at the Wren Bridge on Sunday.

Sandy and Larry Manuel visited with Larry’s aunt, Imogene Atkinson, Friday afternoon in Effingham.  She is getting over a bout with bronchitis but she seems to be doing well now. Sandy and Larry enjoyed celebrating Easter lunch, Saturday at Alicia and Rachel Kessler’s house, along with James Noffke, Strasburg, and Ashley Beitz of Mt. Vernon. After eating too much, Alicia and Ashley “jammed” in the music room using a French harp, guitar, piano and singing. Some of that time, Sandy and Rachel played games, inbetween listening to the music.

God bless you all and share your love with others as our Lord’s great commandment call’s for.

South Rabbit

Town Heights–

April Fools Day is starting with welcome sunshine but a little cool. Sixty-two years ago today was a very special day, my very first date with the love of my life.  She swore it was the last time she would ever go any place with me,  but with God’s help, she changed her mind (We saw  a movie, “War with the Army,” with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. He laughed so much he fell out of his seat,  embarrassed me terrible).

My week was busy trying to negotiate a replacement for my truck that was demolished.

The Herrick 4th of July committee had a bake sale last Saturday to raise funds for a “free” carnival for all kids at the celebration.  I came home with a beautiful, delicious pie and we really loved it. My greatest hope for free rides for all kids.

The Sunrise Service at the spring was very successful with a very nice crowd from the neighboring towns, including a lady from Irving.  The Kaskaskia Church did a splendid job with the arrangements, a large campfire, coffee and doughnuts. There was singing and a beautiful message by Pastor Ken Fooks.  David Shrake had special music with his violin.

After the service, Phyllis and I were accompanied by Frank and Delve Krost (St. Elmo) and drove to Mahomet for a visit with our granddaughter and family, Tasha and Jason Schifo. We were joined by Mike, Vicki, Todd, Christina, Maddie and Ava Krost and several friends. A bountiful dinner was served  and pictures were showed on their trip to Israel by friends who had shared the trip.  Todd is a minister in Tishilwa, and Jason serves a church in Mahomet.  Mike and Vicki are lay ministers for the Methodist church.

This week will be very busy. Community sale #52 will be held in Ramsey (Saturday, Apr. 6); a must go for everyone.  The Darrel Sarver Music “Extravaganza” in Herrick will start at 11:00 a.m. with food and music at 1:00 p.m. The music will continue until 10:00 p.m.  The day should start early in the day at Ramsey.  When you get tired and hungry, come to Herrick. Get some great food and a good seat and enjoy the music. The musicians come from several states to play with friends for their pleasure, but allow everyone to enjoy. Don’t miss it. Come and go all afternoon and evening.

No farming done yet this year but the farmers are set to “explode” when the weather allows.

It is great to live in”Rabbit Town,” where the people love God, their neighbors and their families. – Paul and Phyllis Sarver