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Letters to the Editor: March 15, 2012

Feels Court Wrong

On Gay Marriage

Dear Editor,

If the ninth circus or, I mean, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals said “it is unconstitutional to proclaim that marriage is to be between one man and one woman only.” What now? For six thousand years of recorded human history the majority of the world has believed marriage was one man and one woman. Have we been wrong?

If the Bible is wrong and God didn’t create man, woman and marriage as described in Genesis 2, then we have some apologizing to do. If man decides how to define marriage, not God, then we should apologize to same-sex couples. But first, we need to ask for forgiveness from the polygamists. If one man can marry another man couldn’t one man marry three women? And what about a woman’s rights? Couldn’t she have three husbands, or even five?

The Constitution doesn’t say a thing about how many spouses one can have. If man decides morality, then all we simply have to do is change our minds and then our judges’ minds. Then If we can get enough people to agree, we could even include people who want to marry their pet or their television set! (I know some high school boys who are going steady with their cell phones.)

These blind guides in the Ninth Circuit have apparently never read the Declaration of Independence that says, “all men are created equal and are endowed by the Creator (capital C) with certain unalienable rights.” Notice, it does not say the right to do whatever we please. If everybody does as he pleases, that’s not freedom; that’s anarchy. (Judges 17:6).

Why don’t these judges just admit they want to take our country in a different direction? The answer is that they are deceived and they want to deceive us, and we don’t seem to mind it. Are we allowing ourselves to be deceived so we can do whatever our hearts desire?

Everybody is at odds about what the Constitution says and means anyway – maybe we should all sit down and actually read it. Did you know that it never says “separation of Church and state” nor is that phrase found in any founding document. But it does say at the end, right before the founder’s signatures, “in the year of our Lord” (capital L). The picture some want to paint of our Founding Fathers being atheists, agnostics and deists is not accurate.

Why don’t Christians vote for leaders who respect our Founding Fathers’ Christian principles? When this great country finally falls, it won’t be for a lack of Christians, but for a lack of Christian principles and “the free exercise thereof.” Now that’s Constitutional.


Clay Hardy

Tower Hill


McDonald’s House

Thanks Community

Dear Editor,

On behalf of our Board of Directors, volunteers and staff, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Illinois would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to local McDonald’s owners/operators who recently completed the “Give A Little Love” fundraising  campaign.

McDonald’s restaurants throughout central Illinois sold hearts for $1 or more through Valentine’s Day, and all proceeds directly benefited the Ronald McDonald House in Springfield. The mission of our charity is to serve as a home away from home for families who have children receiving medical treatment.

We are extremely grateful to the thousands of area residents who purchased these hearts throughout February, raising over $150,000 for the Ronald McDonald House. These donations will allow us to continue to serve an average of 400 families with children who are ill each year.

Thanks for your tremendous support during the 2012 “Give A Little Love” fundraiser.


Karen Jeffers


Board of Directors

Politicians Action

Angers Resident

Dear Editor,

I don’t think I have ever written a “Letter to the Editor.” However, after reading the March 12 newspaper, I felt compelled to write.

I guess I did not realize until reading the newspaper that with the new voting district assignments one of our candidates will be Tim Johnson. I felt it necessary to inform the Pana community about an encounter I observed several years ago involving Mr. Johnson.

Prior to moving to Pana, I was employed by the Westville School District (near Danville).  While tending the concession stand at a junior high basketball tournament, some of the students came running into the concession area and hollered some man was yelling and screaming at Mr. Watson (the junior high principal). The kids added “I think the man is gonna hit Mr. Watson!” Sure enough, this man was obviously out of control and was so irate that the veins in his neck had popped out. I can understand why my students were afraid Mr. Watson was about to get hit.

In all my years of teaching, I’ve never seen another parent more hostile and causing a scene like this man was doing. The man was irate over some calls the referees had made against his son’s basketball team. The principal kept telling him to settle down and relax. While belaboring his point, he suddenly stopped and said to the principal, “Don’t you know who I am?”

The principal honestly replied, “No.  But I’m guessing you’re an irate parent?” The man went on to clue the principal in that he was “State Representative Timothy Johnson.” The principal just smiled and stuck his hand out to introduce himself to Mr. Johnson. He quietly told him, “I’m Mr. Watson, the principal of this school – Westville Junior High School. You see, Mr. Johnson, you’re on my turf right now. You have about 5 minutes to remove yourself from the school premises or you will be escorted out by a couple of officers from the Westville Police Department.”  Mr. Johnson stomped away – still irate.

I have heard of several other similar incidents that I will not share since I did not observe his irrational behavior during those times. There is no way that I would ever vote to elect this man for any position. I’m not a political person. I tend to vote for people who show some integrity and genuinely care about the people they will represent.  I also try to vote for people who represent our voting districts with what’s best for us – not to make a name for themselves to try to impress people.


Patty Janes