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Pana High School ‘Moon Buggy’ Team Prepares for 2016 Event


FAYTH STOUT, LEFT, and Andy Schloz, of the Pana High School Moon Buggy  team show off the team’s current rover which will be retired and used as a training vehicle.

Pana High School’s Rover Challenge Team is planning on participating in the 2016 NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge race at Marshall Space and Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. Pana is the only high school team from Illinois currently participating in the challenge.

Due to major rule changes, the team will focus on designing, constructing and testing technologies for a new rover to perform on different terrains. This will provide valuable experiences which will engage students in the use of science, technologies, engineering, math and concepts which will be needed in future space exploration missions.

It will be a challenge for the students in building a new rover, both  financially and creatively. The team is actively looking for sponsors to support the effort. Sponsors will be fostering the growth of future technicians and engineers.

All sponsorships would be recognized in many ways, such as, having their name on T-shirts, media outlets and a sign will be created and mounted on the buggy which will be viewed during live video streaming at the race.

For more information, contact Pana High School, 562-6600.