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Senior Volunteers Recognized

GC volunteer day

SEVERAL VOLUNTEERS WHO assist at the Pana Senior Citizens Center, South Route 51 in Pana, were recently honored for their sevice. The group helps Jean Nicolas, site supervisor, with the daily chores.

From left are Jerry Witt, Bob Calvert, Rosemary Ruot, Vernon Benson, Shirley Jones, Arlin Campbell and Wanda Hutchison.

Golden Circle Nutrition Program hosted a volunteer day recently to honor those who assist with the meals at the Pana Senior Citizens Center. They received cards of thanks with a Payday candy bar, along with great pride they are able to be big help to Jean Nicolas, the site supervisor.

Jean said the program would not be able to run without all the volunteers. The presentations were made Friday, Aug. 18,  at the Pana Senior Center.

These volunteers help serve and deliver meals. Many seniors who come to eat at the senior center are very grateful for their help. Those volunteers are Jerry Witt, Bob Calvert, Rosemary Rout, Shirley Jones, Wanda Hutchison, Vernon Benson and Arlin Campbell.

Volunteers who were not able to attend were Art and Janet Hoehn, Marvin Cervin and Judy Holthaus.

Golden Circle is very greatful for all the extra work that the deliveries do to see that a senior gets one hot meal a day.