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Thirteen Indictments Returned Thursday by CC Grand Jury

The Christian County grand jury was convened Thursday, Mar. 17 in Christian County courthouse, Taylorville, and returned 13 “true bills.” Those indicted include the following:

Brent Wells, Jr. 22, of 506 S. Locust, Jeremy Rhoades, 38, of 10 Cedar St., and Daniel L. Durbin, 28, of 700 W. Second St., Pana; Christopher Price, 19, Joshua Inman, 22 and Spencer Schuck, 21, all of Springfield; Joshua Wells, 20, of Harrisburg, formerly of Taylorville; Thomas Lovelace, 46, Joshua Keathley, 30, and Joshua Dudra, 26, all of Taylorville; Michael Wicker, 28, of Decatur, Michael Belcher, 31, of Edwardsville, and Ramon Watts, 27, of Springfield.

Wells is accused of violating an order of protection Mar. 11 in Edinburg, coming within 100 feet of an apartment in the 100 block of West Franklin, a protected address, having previously convicted of domestic battery, a 2010 misdemeanor case.

•Rhoades has three counts lodged against him: methamphetamine conspiracy with James Russell, possession of meth precursor (ephedrine), and possession of meth-manufacturing material on Jan. 25 in Pana.

•Durbin is charged with domestic battery of a family/household member Dec. 31, being eligible for a Class 4 felony because of prior conviction for domestic battery, a 2000 misdemeanor complaint.

•Price, Inman and Schuck are charged with six counts apiece for residential burglaries Oct. 14 in Morrisonville, the dwelling places of Frederick Davis, Abigale Millburg, Jim Sinkhorn, Jr., Heather Miller, Doris Mundhenke and Evan Bell, with intent to commit a theft.

Christian County Sheriff’s Office, during its investigation, identified the three defendants, noting that residential burglaries happened in Edinburg area as well as Morrisonville. Evidence collected at the scenes were submitted for testing to Illinois State Police Crime Lab for testing.

•Joshua Wells on Dec. 3 committed the offense of escape, cites the complaint. Convicted of the felony offense of mob action and conditionally released from Illinois Department of Corrections through an electronic home monitoring detention program, Wells allegedly cut the bracelet from his ankle.

•Lovelace on Nov. 28 in Taylorville, is accused of having committed three counts: criminal trespass to residence in the 600 block of North Cottage Street, remaining within the residence after been told to leave by the woman who lived there, and the batteries of a man and a woman.

•Watts is charged with three counts Mar. 3 in Taylorville: aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, an uncased and loaded firearm in the vehicle he was operating (when not on his own land or in his own abode), and an uncased and loaded pistol when not on his land, his abode or a fixed place of business, and at the time was engaged in a misdemeanor violation of the Cannabis Control Act, and possession of cannabis: 2.5 to 10 grams.

•Dudra on Mar. 5 committed possession of cannabis with intent to deliver 10 to 30 grams in Christian County, cites the complaint against him.

•Two counts are lodged against Keathley, charged with theft and escape Mar. 11 in Taylorville, the first count accusing him of sealing a 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage the property of Reed Michaud, and the second, having been convicted of arson in Christian County, a 2008 case, had having been released by IDOC to electronic home detention, left his home without approval and permission.

•Wicker and Belcher each is charged with committing aggravated participation in meth production in the making of 15 to 100 grams of meth with 1,000 places of worship, two churches in Edinburg, and on the same date in Edinburg, possessed 15 to 100 grams of meth, on Mar. 1 in Christian County.